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> On 13 May 2015 at 10:58, Ben Goren via EV wrote:
>> 15 kWh / 15 minutes is 60 kilowatts...not quite the level of
>> insanity of a megawatt, but still in a range far beyond what you'd ever see 
>> in
>> a residential setting.
> Not so far beyond at all.  A typical US suburban tract home has a 200 amp, 
> 240 volt service.  If devoted entirely to an EV such an electrical service 
> could charge an EV at a continuous rate of over 38kW.  
> Many modern "mcmansions," which are often built by the dozens in high end 
> developments, now have 400 amp service.  This would allow for a continous 
> power of almost 77kW.  
> Thus I'd say that the electrical infrastructure for 60kW charging is fairly  
> widely available right now.

Er...no. Indeed, I think you just proved my point.

60kW is over half again as much as you get at the meter in most homes, and 
nearly 80% of what you get at the meter in a McMansion. How many people living 
in McMansions are going to be happy shutting down basically everything, 
especially all the air conditioning and pool equipment they paid so much extra 
to get the 400A service for in the first place, every time they want to charge 
the car?

Worse...I don't think I've ever seen anything bigger than a 220V / 50A breaker 
in a residential panel -- though, granted, I'm certainly not an electrician. 
That's 11 kW. You're going to need half a dozen of those, almost as many as 
will physically fit in a typical panel...and just the cost of the copper for 
the wiring is going to be insane -- especially since the meter is, as often as 
not, on the opposite side of the house as the garage.

And the cost of retrofitting a neighborhood for 400A...it'd be cheaper to cover 
all the rooftops in solar panels, add a bunch of batteries, and cut the grid 
connection entirely.

I just don't see it.

What I expect to see is, especially when 200+ mile ranges become the "new 
normal," for most people to do almost all their charging on a 110V / 15A (or 
maybe 30A, since that's not uncommon in garages) circuit, the types of people 
who buy the top trim level packages to get L2 chargers installed, and then a 
footnote for some sort of on-the-road rapid charging that only gets used out on 
road trips or out of desperation.

And I expect to see those roadside charging stations struggle for profitability 
at the same time they charge exorbitant fees....

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