The debate should be about  light or heavy vehicles and efficiency.  If you 
have an efficient vehicle that is light you might draw 55wh per mile.  The 
typical heavy conversion like the I3 , Leaf, Rav4, IMEV, or any other of the 
currently available EV's are just too heavy to give good range with a small 
pack.  They all draw 200 or more wh per mile.  The I3 is going in the right 
direction.  It has a relatively small pack and is more efficient than all the 
other competitors.    If however you have a light vehicle around a thousand 
pounds your range will be close to 350 miles with a 16kw battery pack.  The 
vehicle needs to have a CD of about .16.  With these specifications you don't 
have to have a big pack.  It will charge in 2.5 hours with a 6.6kw charger.  
Efficiency and charging time should be the goal.  Smaller the pack the quicker 
the charge.  Also the packs will last longer as they are not stressed as much 
by carrying large weights.  Engineering the right combination is what is 
needed.  Not 85kw packs in 5000 pound cars...however they are very comfortable 
and useful as is and better than the ICE alternative.  Lawrence Rhodes
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