Personally, I think there are two factors.

First, performance.  A Tesla is a thrill at every stop light (especially if you 
are first in line).

Second, commercialization and availability.  Elon Musk had the drive and push 
to get his car built and available around the world.  Three years ago, Tesla 
was giving test drives and selling cars in Boise, ID.  People in Boise have 
never heard of a VLC; much less seen or driven one.

Add in the Tesla SuperCharger network, and it is game over.

I think people want to be environmentally conscious, but fun sells cars.  A fun 
car that is efficient enough will win against a more efficient car that isn't 
as fun.


On September 28, 2015 10:12:35 PM MDT, rayfellow via EV <> 
>In 2012 I was helping Oliver Kuttner promote his VLC or Very Light Car.
>was very aerodynamic too (0.16 drag). His team won the X prize in 2008
>getting 108 or so MPG with fuel. The car he had in California was
>It had a 10KWh battery and would go 100 miles between charges - It
>under 1,000 pounds. I rode in the car some 50 miles or so, and was
>with the ride, comfort etc. It carried 4 passengers. 
>About this time Tesla came out with their car - Big battery and heavy.
>thought that the VLC would be as popular as the Tesla.. Boy was I
>wrong! No
>one seemed impressed that the VLC would go a mile on 100wh vs the 300wh
>the Tesla.
>I thought that both would be well recieved. Alas the VLC still sits
>for traction. No one seems interested in it. I wondered why? The only
>I can come up with is the cost of electricity is relitively cheap
>to liquid fuel. The difference in per mile costs for an efficient EV vs
>heavy user is still not all that much.
>I have pondered this. Maybe there are other reasons too - but
>none of the current EV's comes close to Aptera or VLC in efficency..
>and yet
>no one wants them.
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