In 2012 I was helping Oliver Kuttner promote his VLC or Very Light Car. It
was very aerodynamic too (0.16 drag). His team won the X prize in 2008 -
getting 108 or so MPG with fuel. The car he had in California was electric.
It had a 10KWh battery and would go 100 miles between charges - It weighed
under 1,000 pounds. I rode in the car some 50 miles or so, and was impressed
with the ride, comfort etc. It carried 4 passengers. 

About this time Tesla came out with their car - Big battery and heavy. I
thought that the VLC would be as popular as the Tesla.. Boy was I wrong! No
one seemed impressed that the VLC would go a mile on 100wh vs the 300wh for
the Tesla.

I thought that both would be well recieved. Alas the VLC still sits waiting
for traction. No one seems interested in it. I wondered why? The only answer
I can come up with is the cost of electricity is relitively cheap compared
to liquid fuel. The difference in per mile costs for an efficient EV vs a
heavy user is still not all that much.

I have pondered this. Maybe there are other reasons too - but seriously,
none of the current EV's comes close to Aptera or VLC in efficency.. and yet
no one wants them.

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