just like water. if consumption  starts to reach production then they raise 
prices during peak and/or make rules to only charge during non-peak hours.  
this can also be mitigated by having battery backups on houses that are charged 
during off-peak hours.

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I think this article raises a good question, though I don't really think 
it answers it. Currently, yes, the grid isn't significantly impacted. 
But what about if we had 100% EVs. What about local and long haul 
trucking? What about other ICE powered equipment, e.g. earth movers, 
etc.? What about generation capacity as well as distribution capacity?

Personally, our EV boosted our electricity consumption by about 10%. I 
don't know how that number compares in general as, even with our EV, our 
electricity usage is below the national average. Even so, that's only 
accounting for residential EVs. Commercial and industrial electricity 
usage is much higher than residential. Is that enough to coincidentally 
assume a 10% figure for non residential EV charging? If this pans out to 
be reasonably true, it would seem that EVs will not, long term, cause a 
significant drain on our generation capacity, if any at all (considering 
time of use).

For distribution, yes, we clearly can't have everyone charging their EVs 
at 5:30pm.  But, as we move more and more to renewables, we'll need grid 
storage anyway and, using the "10% rule", EVs won't be a significant 
factor. The significant factor will be how to get Nevada solar to the 
cloudy Pacific NW or to get Texas wind to sticky South Carolina. And how 
to store several days worth to even out nature's effects.

Does anyone have real numbers of the effects of 100% EVs on generation 
and distribution?



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