> Worse... energy created here to charge EVs still comes mostly from
> polluting sources:
> http://halifaxchronicle.can.newsmemory.com/publink.php?shareid=034660fc3

Not true.  Even that article points out that it was 70% coal but is now down
to 40% (60% renewables).  SO that is not "mostly" anymore.  And the grid is
getting cleaner every day...

AND the most important argument is that an EV uses about 1/3rd of the energy
as a gasoline car for the same distance.  AND more than half of all EV
buyers also buy CLEAN ELECTRICITY, either from their own solar, or by
subscribing to clean energy or Wind from their utility.  So multiply 50%
coal times 33% energy use times 50% of EV's use only clean energy and you
end up with the AVERAGE amount of coal emissions to charge the AVERAGE EV is
only 8% compared to a gas car. !

Don’t buy-in to that dirty coal EV argument.  It is nearly 92% WRONG.  And
it is getting cleaner everyday!


> There is a somewhat valid argument that an electric car used in NS isn't
> that much better than a hybrid or even a gas car which lends some minds
> down here to think an EV really isn't worth it to buy or even give an
> incentive for.  I have argued there is a lot more EV value than just C02 -
> where it is emitted, the lower cost of ownership, our infrastructure and
> attracting young talent will eventually suffer if we don't keep up with
> this modernization.

Would love to hear your feedback!

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