That is exactly why many residences decide to get solar, to counter the
(steep) increase in electric usage
and while they are at it, they often cover the house load as well, so
using your (slightly flawed) argument,
I could say that EVs can cause *less* pollution when many new EV'ers
decide to get solar.

It is easy go get into very hairy consequences if the premise includes
unrelated things...

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   if one generates say 10MWhrs per year of solar and use 10MWhars per
   year of electricity, then 100% of  your energy is completely fossil
   fuel free.

I agree that you are entitled to brag that you used no fossil fuels in
this case.  But now suppose that you trade your electric car for a gas
car.  You pollute.  But you also use, say, 1 MWh less of the energy that
you generate.  It goes out to the grid instead.  Fossil fuel plants
don't need to run to generate it.  They pollute less.  This partly
compensates for the additional pollution that you generate with your gas

The point I'm trying to make is that if you are comparing electric car
vs. gas car, you should compare the pollution generated by the car with
the pollution generated by producing the electricity, even if you
yourself have solar panels.

The only way that you should compare the pollution of the gas car
against zero for the electric car is if the comparison is (gas car) vs.
(electric car and new solar panels to charge it).  For example this is
the right comparison if you size your PV system to your needs including
your cars.

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