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> However, anyone paying extra for green power sends a signal
> to the market that green power has higher value.
> They are voting with their money.

That's exactly right.

There are two kinds of green power available these days:
1) offset-driven, e.g. arcadia power
2) utility-provided, e.g. ladwp

In either case, you're voting with your money.  Utility-provided
green power is more likely to actually reduce emissions IMHO,
but if enough people pick either, utilities and politicians will notice
the political support for clean power those customers represent.

> EVs might affect this slightly, due to the focus on all-electric power,
> so people tend to get a trigger that if they invest in an EV, they might just
> as well invest in PV for more reasons than just bragging rights.
> Consumers who buy EVs for "going green/coming clean" but can't install solar
> might be very motivated to pay a penny extra per kWh to motivate providers
> to install more renewables.
> It is what I am doing until I can install my own solar.

Solar alone doesn't fully mitigate the emissions of EVs unless you
charge the EV when the sun is shining.  If everybody gets an EV,
and everybody charges it at night, that's a lot of nighttime emissions.
If you charge at night, and want to avoid (non-net-)emissions, consider signing
up for green power or installing storage.

Me, I went with rooftop solar, LADWP green power, and nighttime charging.
- Dan
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