From: Robert Bruninga <>
   Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 11:15:28 -0500

   AND more than half of all EV buyers also buy CLEAN ELECTRICITY,
   either from their own solar...

The fungibility of electric power makes it difficult to make a clear
statement about this.  It's true that if I charge on a sunny day the
electricity flows straight from my solar panels to my car.  If I had a
gas car, the power generated from the panels would go instead to
displace someone else's electricity usage, generated mostly by fossil
fuel plants.  Thus having solar panels does not exempt me from the fact
that using electricity in my car leads to more fossil fuel consumption
than if I didn't use it, everything else being equal.


P.S. If anybody is an expert on voluntary renewable energy set-asides in
carbon emission cap-and-trade systems, I'd appreciate a conversation,
but email me separately as it is not really relevant to this list.
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