Why do you preclude asia pacific in the slide on who uses Plone? Looks bad
for us to show that in our region. NZ gov and AU gov are both using Plone,
and its big in japan. Might be better to say something like - X gov, Y local
gov, Z major non profit, Z top corporations etc... not that that is easy
stats to get.
Or make it more like an example. Or skip that like completely.

Not sure it's appropriate in this slide deck or not but we had some slides
in a recent presentation that we think really nailed our competition. 

Slide went like this.

What to look for in open source

Mature code base

 >= 5 years is good

High bus number
 Will 1-2 organisations leaving sink leave you with abandonware?


This is directly targeting alfresco and other pseudo open source vendors.
(in au there is also quiz with mysource matrix).

>From talks with Alan and matt about alfresco's nasty support contracts, you
could also add something like


Flexible support contracts.

 - can you choose who and where you get professional support?


These are things that set Plone apart and are actually very important yet
often overlooked. Plone scores high with all of these which means you are
safe selecting Plone. Being the low risk option is a great way to sell

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> Subject: RE: Plone marketing- WPD2008 Slide Deck
> Hello everyone,
> I have combined Nate's presentation with the one I started to give a
> unified look. I modified the cost chart to take your discussions into
> account.
> http://www.slideshare.net/ckwilde/world-plone-day-2008-presentation-6745
> 06/
> Thank you all for your help.
> Cheers,
> Constance
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> Subject: Re: Plone marketing- WPD2008 Slide Deck
> >> Maybe "integration" is better than "customization"?
> >
> > I think integration is a bit more of a loaded word.  I can imagine
> many
> > potential customers saying 'but I don't need any integration!'.  I
> really
> > like the graph, but yes I think we need a way to better show
> proportions and
> > what you are getting.  I think most of us here would agree that with
> OSS the
> > total cost would be lower, so I'm wondering if we might want to not
> have 50K
> > for both.  The problem then is what *do* we say for both... as we are
> just
> > showing example indicative costs of some theoretical project....
> Yeah, both "integration" and "customization" are loaded words. The
> bottom line is that if you only have $100k to spend on a CMS, a
> commercial CMS will consume $30-50k in license fees, which means less
> money available to do more interesting things like training, support
> and enhancements.
> I know one large non-profit that chose a commercial intranet solution
> over Plone because the commercial vendor included everything in the
> pricing, and the product appeared to do more "out-of-the-box" whereas
> Plone appeared to require a lot of customization to get it to do what
> the commercial product was offering. We need better marketing
> materials to show what Plone is capable of providing out-of-the-box,
> and how it can be easily extended with 3rd party add-on components.
> Otherwise, we're going to continue to get reamed by these vendors
> hawking proprietary CMSes.
> I've added the Powerpoint and Keynote versions of the two World Plone
> Day presentations to this page:
> http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-marketing/contributed-marketing-
> materials
> You have to click on the "View attachments" link at the bottom to see
> the file attachments.
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