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But I can *categorize* some of the main problems on this list, starting with the aforementioned case and some others like it.

Thanks for the email, Chris! We're hearing you loud and clear, let me make that absolutely clear.

I'll try to keep it short instead of addressing every single point in your email:

- The problem of bad consulting companies is a complex one, and we are acutely aware of it. We are doing something about it, but since it's a sensitive issue, we have to keep it somewhat confidential. Posting "avoid company X, Y and Z" on the Plone front page is not how we operate. ;)

- I agree 110% that Plone is too big, too complex, and with too many ways to do things. That's why the main goal of Plone 4 is approachability, simplification, and getting rid of code. That's why Plone 4 is "done when it's done", and Plone 3 development continues in parallel, so we can get it right. That's why instead of documenting every insane nook and cranny, we're getting rid of most of them and simplifying everything.

- I agree, you shouldn't have to hire a company/consultant to do any of the following:

  - Create new types
  - Create a new theme
  - Do sophisticated layout
  - Deal with rich media content

We hear you loud and clear, and Plone 4 *is* a revolution. It's not evolving what's currently there. It's getting rid of as much of the insanity as possible, and optimize for the things people want to do during day 1, week 1 and month 1 of their Plone experience.

On the upside, I do think people have become better at saying "use Django" or even "use Drupal/Joomla" when the use case doesn't fit what Plone does well out-of-the-box. The community is much more mature these days, and really doesn't want people to use Plone come hell or high water. It's a natural evolution of any open source project — in the beginning, it wants to be all things to all people. Plone now knows exactly what it wants, but that means we have to shift the focus a bit, and get rid of some baggage and simplify.

Finally, let me commend you all in TriZPUG for your excellent work in everything related to Plone. You all do amazing work, and don't get nearly enough recognition for what you do.

PS: Shoot me an email if you want to do a phone call, I'm happy to speak about the more sensitive details on the phone, but I think it's inappropriate to do so here on the list. :)

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