Karl Horak wrote:

… Plone is at the confluence of open source, enterprise CMS, social &
community CMS, and web publishing CMS. Plone is the only one occupying
those three subway lines (four counting OSS).

… We can't be experts at … We need to have a generalized toolset that's very, very customizable so that we can use that toolset very effectively to solve a huge host of problems. Plone-Zope-Python with a heavy dose of
CSS is that toolset. …

+1, I couldn't have put it better myself.

The prospect of very effectively solving a *huge* range of problems,
*without too many* areas of expertise, was the #1 reason for me preferring
Plone to all other platforms for web development.

Yes ... personally, I do think of Plone as a platform. A foundation upon
which people will be able to build *most things required by our
organisation* -- and IMO those requirements are a continuing tall order. However: for positioning to developers, I probably wouldn't say 'platform':
I'd use words very close to Karl's.

I notice on drupals elevator pitch[1] they identify three target groups all of which are not end users.

(looking for a flexible platform on which to build their websites)
(looking for a low-cost and powerful solution to build their next major project)
Web administrators
(looking for an easy way to deliver their content of any type)

They are all about building, not really about out of the box user experience. I love plone for it's architecture and versatility and I'm a developer and I evengelise it. I've tried to put in extra slides based on what I find cool as a developer but it's not so easy to get across in simple terms

[1] http://www.tylersuchman.com/2008/01/drupal-elevator-pitch.shtml
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