One thing highlighted in Chris's recent post was about positioning.
This is a problem we've personally faced in our company. We promote plone as an enterprise solution but the plone community itself doesn't. It's all very well us promoting plone but unless we have a clear message of what we are promoting plone as, people don't remember it. This was highlighted at a recent CMS smackdown event at a local users group that we presented plone at [1] There is a local proprietary system called communitymanager and it compares favourably to plone from the demo we saw. They had an interesting slide with a graph of CMSs and where they are positioned relative to cost and "enterprise-ness". (I think it's slide 7 from [2] but it doesn't open so well on open office). What's interesting is that Plone is completely missing and Alfresco is labelled as costing nothing and enterprise. We all know that's rubbish but their slogan is "THE open source enterprise CMS" (clever people, they saw the gap and took it).
You can see in our presentation how we try to present Plone [3]

My question is, where would you put Plone on that graph?

And should we accept we need to position plone more clearly?


Dylan Jay, Plone Solutions Manager

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