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In fact, this is my main complaint with Plone in general. It might very well be easy to use for the end users - but to run the entire system requires a person who is well versed in Zope/python.

To run it — I'd say no. To customize it, absolutely. There's "use" as in "end user", and "use" as in develop for / customize. We are very much aware that the current approach where Plone straddles multiple large pieces of infrastructure (Zope 2, Zope 3 and the CMF), is not ideal. The other option would be to dump our current user base and restart development in pure Zope 3 (or something else), which was an option that was deemed too risky.

I'm a computer administrator by profession - and *I* haven't been able to get a Plone site up and running yet. What does that say for the "average user"? Iow, the kb needed to run & maintain a Plone system is WAY under stated.

With the latest advancements in configuration and setup tools (buildout being among the major changes here), the core part of this problem will be in much better shape than it was a year ago. The main problem as I see it at the moment is that not all documentation is current, but the team is working on updating the documentation to the current state of the art.

I have to be honest - I am close to giving up on Plone.

That's sad to hear. Let us know if there are specific things we can help with.

There are lots of things we want to make better about Plone — the good news is that the team is acutely aware of these issues, and everyone is pulling in the same direction to get them fixed. It just takes a bit of time, as everything does in a project with a large installed user base, where you need to care about upgrades and compatibility.

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