Calvin Hendryx-Parker wrote:
What constitutes up and running for you? The default install will leave you with a site you can place up live behind a proxy.

Fair question.
A decent looking website for the public to see, w/ a separate interface for the non-html-versed content managers to update information. This is NOT what one gets after the 'default install'.

Instead, one is left with a page that is available for the maintainers, but with nothing pointing to a site for the general public.

Proxy? I'm not sure I am exactly sure what a proxy is, or why I would want to use one.

Why does deploying a Plone site mean you need to learn Python? There are many people out there creating great looking sites and they don't know a lick of Python to to it. They are using a combination of third party add-ons (which are easy to install with buildout) and a theme product that you can generate from ZopeSkel.

Maybe it doesn't and I just don't understand then. Maybe what I need to learn is zope? (which, btw, is still beyond my pro-bono time constraints).

Having themes which can be imported in sounds good. I have not heard of ZopeSkel before - is it a part of the default install that runs automatically? If it's a 3rd party add-on, that may be nice - but it would seem to be misleading (at the least) to say that the product is "ready out of the box".

What part of our install story is lacking in your mind so we an address it. I think it would be helpful feedback to get from you.

Having worked in a computer support for 12 years prior to being a system admin, I often found it useful - make that *essential* - to stand back and WATCH as someone else attempts to install/use a system.

The fact is, I don't know what I don't know. All I do know is that I sat in front of the screen after installing Plone and wondered "what now?". I'm just a frustrated user. I have neither a vested interest in "making plone #1" nor "pushing something else". I simply want to find a product that fits my needs. If it's Plone - and I was lead to believe it was - then great. If it's not, then my search to find out what will fit my needs continues.


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