Alexander Limi wrote:
The thing is, Plone *is* easy to install, and you get a very sophisticated setup even when using the base installers. It's just a bit challenging to develop for at the moment, something that we're working hard on fixing.

SAP is hard to install *and* hard to develop for. Or maybe just expensive, depending on how you look at it. ;)

I hate to sound like Bill Clinton, but it depends on what you mean by "install".

As I said in my previous note, yes, the program itself installs with relative ease. But few people would consider that to be the end of the installation. The "real installation" isn't finished until there is a working product up and running.

In my case, I have a small non-profit group where I run a ubuntu server to host their domain (mailman, apache website, vBulletin, etc). The people in the group are the ones that need to be able to maintain the content of the website, but they are not web literate. Otoh, just because I can do system admin, and can do *some* webpage stuff, it doesn't mean I'm versed in python (or really any other programming language).

I do this pro-bono in my spare time. Which means I really don't have the inclination to learn an entire language.

So.... I still need a CMS system for this group. I am convinced that it is "the right choice". But from the looks of what I have experienced, it doesn't seem that Plone is the right choice for me. What I don't know is if *any* CMS system will do what I'm looking for...


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