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Now I know that Alex is often (and I hope you don't mind me saying this Alex) quite ambitious in his visions for Plone in some of these talks, but I think that is a good thing.


That's spot on, my role isn't always to be correct, it's to show what potential we can realize if we do certain things, and why we want to do it. I know very well that a lot of the stuff we talk about ends up landing in a later release — but I have stopped worrying about scheduling. We've been at this for 8+ years, we have some of the best people in the business working on our product, and a healthy, fun community. That's what counts, and why I'm not worried.

How that will now relate to the release manager type role I'm not sure. Ie. I think Hanno would be in a much better position to say what is or isn't upcoming. But I think Alex does a very good spokesperson (dare I say BDFL?) type role.

I'm probably the de facto BDFL these days, backed up by Hanno, Martin, Laurence et al on the technical front, which I think is a good solution too. The vision for the product and the user experience is something that lends itself to a small group, technical leadership within a certain domain is easier to distribute.

And I certainly think the structure we have now with release manager (with veto powers ;) + framework team is a really good solution. Even Mozilla is interested in how we do these things, and whether there's something they can learn from it.

Alex is doing something at the Plone Symposium East for this:

And Geir is doing a similar talk at the European Symposium. It will also be the main focus of the Plone Conference 2009 talk, so it's good that we have these events a few months earlier to refine and update the message.

I think this is a great avenue for communicating the message to the community on where Plone is going.

One thing we could probably do better is to communicate this outwards. There's been a resurgence of interest from the press in Plone lately, so I'm hoping to get this stuff published in publications outside of just the Ploniverse too.

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