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From: Matt Hamilton <>
Date: 28 November 2009 02:55:36 PM GMT
To: ctxlken <>
Subject: Re: [Evangelism] Hack Plone! Win a Mac!

  Mark A Corum wrote:
If Plone had previously been weak on security, and had gotten its act together, this might make sense. But in reality -- where Plone is a
  VERY secure system with a long-term record of protecting sites and
  data -- this kind of circus stunt is not a good idea.

A random idea (whilst I'm trying to write some why Plone is good for enterprise copy)...

How about we come up with some kind of slogan or something like that 'Secure by Design' or similar. Something that we can then explain relates to the use of a language with good security track record (python) a battle tested platform (Zope) and the use of an OODB rather than a SQL DB.

You know the way many products have some kind of marketing made up name for something ie. 'Now with TruColor', or 'Built in SpeedBoost technology' etc... that is what I'm thinking.


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