I think we're talking at different levels. You claim SWE is emergent from a 
computational layer BENEATH it - I think that's fine. I
was objecting to the primacy of a computational layer which runs on top of the SWE 
(i.e. physical computers like the one I'm typing
on). But I guess I misunderstood.


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> Charles Goodwin wrote:
> >I think the only constraint is that the extensions should be
> physically
> >possible, i.e. possible outcomes of the schrodinger wave
> >equation. If those are also logical outcomes then fine, but
> the SWE is the
> >constraining factor.
> Why?
> You postulate physicalism. Show me your theory of mind, please.
> By UDA it cannot be computationalist.
> With comp it can be argued that the constraining factors are
> only logico-arithmetical. The SWE should be emerging.
> We must explain why quantum computation described by "e^iH"
> seems, from the point of view of the observer, to supersede
> classical computation described by "H".
> Bruno

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