Charles Goodwin wrote:

> George Levy wrote
> > I don't know if there is an accepted formulation for QTI and the
> > conservation of memory, however, the only constraint that
> > seems logical
> > to me is that the consciousness extensions should be logically
> > consistent, because logical consistenty is a prerequisite for
> > consciousness.
> I think the only constraint is that the extensions should be physically possible, 
>i.e. possible outcomes of the schrodinger wave
> equation. If those are also logical outcomes then fine, but the SWE is the 
>constraining factor.

Interesting. You claim that the only constraint is the SWE. You opinion
is based I presume on our current knowledge of physical laws. This puts
a definite limit on the size of the multiverse. I claim the only
constraint is logical consistency basing myself on the anthropic
principle. This also puts a limit on the size of the multiverse. Bruno
Marshall claims he can bridge the two by deriving the SWE (or maybe a
simplified form) from logical consistency which implies that the
currently conceivable physical multiverse is equal in size with the
logical multiverse.

BTW, your posts are the only ones that do not automatically wrap around
at the end of a line, unless you start a new paragraph. Is there any way
you or I (us?) could fix this?


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