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> > Russell Standish wrote:
> >
> > > Anyway, it looks like we're falling into a supermassive black hole
> > > right now, but we've got about 100 billion (10^11) years
> > before we hit
> > > the event horizon. (Reported in New Scientist a couple of
> > issue ago).
George wrote:
> >
> > To avoid any scheduling conflict, I'll make sure to enter this in my
> > scheduler. I wouldn't want to miss this for the world.
> >
> > George

Charles Goodwin wrote:
> According to NS for 8th Sept the supermassive hole at the centre of our galaxy has 
>been observed with much greater precision due to
> a flare which occured when matter fell into the accretion disc. But it doesn't say 
>anything about us falling in.... Or is this just
> a general statement based on the momentum exchange which will take place inside the 
>galaxy over the next few 100 billion years?
> Because momentum exchange can go either way - either the Earth (or what's left of 
>it) is flung out of the galaxy or it falls into
> the central black hole. Similarly if the galaxy itself is orbiting a supermassive 
>hole at the centre of the local group (say) that
> might also lead to 'evaporation' of the galaxy from the group or collapse into the 
>central hole....
> I just thought you needed to be aware of that. Set your scheduler for either ice or 
>fire, a bang or a whimper....
> Charles

Thanks for the weather report Charles. I'll get dressed in layers, take
my sunscreen lotion, and pack a good lunch.


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