> Joel :
> And non-local effects must be similarly ruled out, as they too are forbidden
> to our intellect.
> Just as it is impossible for us to create non-discrete (i.e. continuous)
> theories, it is also not possible for humans to construct truly non-local
> theories.

I hope so. But there are difficulties.

In QM, Bell's theorem states that statistical results of experiments
performed on a certain physical entity satisfy his inequalities
iff the physical reality in which that physical entity is embedded
is "local" (local hidden variables). 

Today is commonly accepted that the QM domain is incompatible 
with that "local" "realism". That is because Bell inequalities actually 
are violated. Local hidden variables do not exist.

But, fortunately, Bell inequalities imply a Kolmogorovian probability 
model. So we can keep that "local" "realism" and say that
probability is truly non-Kolmogorovian.

But, wait. Ehe. There is another problem. The Bohm-Aharonov effect
is truly "non-local". And that is hard, very hard to avoid.

And, again, Bell inequalities are (also and much more) violated in CM. 
In our macro-world. Weird. Unbelievable. Is our macro-world "non-local" ?
Is our universe "non-Kolmogorovian" ? 

Or is our (my) mind stupid ? Or is our logic poor ?

- S.

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