Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 29-oct.-06, à 12:11, 1Z a écrit :
> >>>
> >>> If numbers aren't real at all they cannot generate reality
> >>> (ITSIAR).
> >>
> >>
> >> You beg the question. Numbers are not physically real
> >> does not entails
> >> that numbers don't exist at all, unless you define "real" by "physical
> >> real".
> >
> > I didn't say numbers are not PHYSICALLY real,
> > I said "real at all".

Yes, yes yes!

'If mathematical "objects" do no exist at all there is no dualism'.

'I don't see why the mathematical realism needs to be true.
The difference between mathematical existence and physical
existence could consist in physical things exisitng, and mathematical
objects not exisiting'.

'Epistemic objectivity of maths" means "every competent mathematician
gets the same answer to a given problem". It doesn't say anything about
the existence of anything (except possibly mathematicians)'.

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