Le 29-janv.-07, à 00:11, Jason Resch a écrit :

> Thanks, that was an interesting read.  I find it surprising how many 
> people find MWI so disturbing, perhaps it is the pessimists always 
> assuming the worst is happening.  Instead of focusing on the good or 
> bad, I look at the variety it produces.  Many worlds leaves no rock 
> unturned and no path untread, it realizes every possibility and to me 
> this is an amazing and beautiful result.

Yes. Although it makes sense in QM only because QM justifies that some 
possibility have more weight than others.

Now a universal turing machine (in the mathematical sense) cannot 
distinguish ersatz linguistic worlds (cf David Lewis) from "real" one, 
and this asks already for a "MWI" interpretation of arithmetic.

It less clear that some world will be less weighted (and that is what 
we call the hunting of white rabbits).



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