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i ENVY YOU, guys, to "know" so much about BHs to speak of a singularity.
> I would not go further than "according to what is said about them, they
> may
> wash off whatever got into and turn into - sort of - a singularity".
> Galaxies, whatever, fall into those hypothetical BHs and who knows how
> much
> Dark Matter (the assumed), we just "don't know" - it all may be neatly
> stuffed
> in and escape from the habitual description of the 'singularity' as an
> indiscernible
> structural view, - or - as seemingly you assume: they homogenize (paste?)
> it all into a - well - singularity-content.
> Whoever KNOWS more about singularities, BHs, Dark Matter, should
> speak up - please: NO assumptions ('it got to be's) or deductions of such!

We don't know. We only guess on the basis of our best evidence and theories.

Stathis Papaioannou

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