On 26 Oct 2008, at 03:38, Kory Heath wrote:

> This conclusion has some bearing on the "white rabbit" problem. Many
> people on this list think that the solution to the white rabbit
> problem has something to do with "measure" - in other words, the
> reason that I don't see talking white rabbits hopping through my room
> right now is that in the ensemble of all my possible futures, the ones
> in which talking white rabbits suddenly appear are less *numerous*
> than those in which they don't. That theory has never seemed correct
> to me, because I think I have an infinite number of possible futures
> with talking white rabbits, and an infinite number without. The above
> conclusion suggests an alternate theory based on *similarity* rather
> than measure.

Measure theory is the branch of math which has been invented to tackle  
those infinities, and those similarity relations.
It has already been shown that any measure preserving self-referential  
truth trough first person indeterminacy obeys some quantum logic.

Bruno Marchal


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