unfortunately I can't participate a lot at the moment because I'm quite 
busy, but I try to follow some of the discussion, and would like to pose 
a question (to Bruno):

>> Which is why I think philosophical zombies
>> are impossible.

I also think they are impossible, and you (Bruno) have already hinted 
once that you do not think them impossible, and here you clarify:

> If this were true, then the movie graph (step 8 without occam) would 
> not been needed. Arithmetical truth is provably full of philosophical 
> zombies if comp is true and step 8 false.

Which arithemetical truths would correspond to philosophical zombies? I 
don't get this.

I follow you that 1st person is recoverable by a 3rd person number 
theoretic description - or better, OMs are - but how would a zombie come 
about? Can you give an example?


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