Hi Jason,

On 07 Nov 2008, at 22:39, Jason Resch wrote:

> Bruno,
> Thanks for your answers, I think it is safe to say we are on the  
> same page with the UDA.  I accept mathematical realism and therefore  
> the existence of abstract Turing machines defining the computational  
> histories of all programs, or the equations of string theory  
> defining all true solutions, etc.  Therefore I would say the  
> apparent "physical" universe is a timeless object that exists purely  
> within math, and that our consciousness is formed by computations of  
> processes that take place through one of the dimensions of the  
> universe (time).  I also believe there is no single mathematical  
> object to which we can say we exist in, our certainty of which  
> universe we can exist in changes all the time depending on the  
> content of our OM.


> For example, when not thinking about the color of my tooth brush,  
> and when not directly perceiving it, I exist in all universes where  
> it is possible for my OM to exist, some of which my toothbrush is  
> green, others red, or blue.  Only when I stop and recall what color  
> it is do I limit which universes I can belong to.

... hmmm .... OK.  (interpreting favorably possible ambiguities).

>  Does your opinion differ in this regard?  I am not sure if you  
> believe in the actual existence of shareable physical (mathematical)  
> universes or only in the dreams, which only occasionally give the  
> appearance of shared histories.  This to me sounds like the comp  
> equivalent of Boltzmann brains, which I think would be less frequent  
> than brains evolving through the full history of mathematical  
> objects or computational universes.

Hmmm.... You have not push the UDA logic far enough yet, because it  
contains the answer to your question.
The shareable "physical" mathematical universe HAS TO be defined from  
all the dreams/computations.
This change your question into: is there a special program P,  
different of the UD itself, which when executed by the UD will the  
"measure battle", so that other programs, even those which generates  
multiple version "you" will never adds measure compare to the  
supermultiplication of that program P?
I don't know. If P exists, it has to be a special UD. And Feynman's  
work can be adapted for showing that, well to be short, a sort of  
e^iUD, that is a quantized version of the UD, will evacuate  
efficiently its own "white rabbits", it is not yet clear how it could  
evacuate all the other white rabbits. yet I do believe somehow that  
the everything object is akin to e^iUD. But to solve the mind-body  
problem, we have to justify this from the "classical UD".

> Regarding zombies, I think there can be outwardly appearing  
> accidental zombies (from a third person view) that can appear  
> conscious in certain circumstances but I don't think its possible to  
> have two identical computational histories and only ascribe  
> consciousness to one of them.
> Jason
> P.S.
> I apologize for the difficult to understand and half completed  
> sentences that appeared in my previous post, I was writing notes of  
> thoughts as they were coming to me and forgot to clean them up  
> before sending out the message.

And I apologize for my numerous misspellings (especially the "s"), but  
also for the words lacking in my sentences, or words appearing from  
nowhere. As an example I just send to Brent the following sentence:

"I think now that IF <this IF should be suppressed> you have grasped  
up <to grasp up: I doubt this is english> to step 6. It is really step  
7 which explain < explains !!!!> why the laws of physics have to  
emerge from computer science or number theory. "

I see the errors only after sending the message, in general.

Sorry sorry sorry.   Feel free to ask me to rewrite sentences ...

- In this sentence, no word is lacking.
- In sentence, one word is lacking.
- In sentence, two are lacking.
- In sentence, three lacking.
- In, four lacking.
- In, five.
- six



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