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Le 04-nov.-08, à 23:21, Jason Resch a écrit :

> Bruno,
> Thanks I understand now.  I must have misread previous posts of yours 
> because I had thought you had said "if I = the world, then the world 
> is not turing-emulable", but what you are saying is that "if I = the 
> world and the world is not turing emulable then comp is false".  

Exactly. Thanks for acknowledging.

> Regarding step 6 I believe one's consciousness continues if they were 
> to "upload" their brain into a computer even if it necessitated the 
> destruction of their biological brain.  To me this is no different 
> logically from teleportation,

And that is all you need for going to the next step.

> although I agree with Brent, if the simulated world in the computer is 
> entirely cut off from causal effects of the physical world where the 
> computer is running, then you have also created an entirely new 
> world/reality.

I agree with this too. The only thing necessary to understand step 6, 
is that you do survive there  like if it was teleportation. And in that 
context, the calculus of probability remains the same as in the five 
preceding steps. For example, if you understand step 5, you know that 
if a instantenous of you is done, and is not detsroyed, and if that 
copy is reinstantiated in the virtual Moscow tomorrow, and in the 
virtual Washington in one billion of years, the probability that you 
will "stay here" (and not find yourself in the virtual realities) is 
1/3 (assuming 1/2 for perfect duplication). It means that Nozick's 
closer continuer identity theory fails with comp.
If you get this, I guess you are ready to understand step 7.
I would be pleased to know if you get the step 7. If everyone agree 
with step 7, we can proceed to step 8, which is a bit more difficult. 
In my older presentations (like my PhD thesis), I always begin with 
step 8, and I call it "the Movie Graph Argument". The older UDA was 
only 1...7. Only 1...7 shows that comp transform physics into a 
computer science probability calculus. The Movie Graph Argument singles 
out the difficulty to attach mind to matter, or consciousness to 
physical activity, oncer we *assume* the comp hyp. It is the Movie 
Graph Argument which shows that we don't have to run the UD in a 
concrete way.



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