2008/11/22 Kory Heath <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> If Lucky Alice is conscious and Empty-Headed Alice is not conscious,
> then there are partial zombies halfway between them. Like you, I can't
> make any sense of these partial zombies. But I also can't make any
> sense of the idea that Empty-Headed Alice is conscious. Therefore, I
> don't think this argument shows that Empty-Headed Alice (and by
> extension, Lucky Alice) must be conscious. I think it shows that
> there's a deeper problem - probably with one of our assumptions.

Yes, there must be a problem with the assumptions. The only assumption
that I see we could eliminate, painful though it might be for those of
a scientific bent, is the idea that consciousness supervenes on
physical activity. Q.E.D.

> Even though I actually think that mechanist-materialists should view
> both Lucky Alice and Empty-Headed Alice as not conscious, I still
> think they have to deal with this problem. They have to deal with the
> spectrum of intermediate states between Fully-Functional Alice and
> Lucky Alice. (Or between Fully-Functional Alice and Empty-Headed Alice.)

Stathis Papaioannou

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