Kory Heath wrote:
> If Lucky Alice is conscious and Empty-Headed Alice is not conscious,  
> then there are partial zombies halfway between them. Like you, I can't  
> make any sense of these partial zombies. But 
  also can't make any

I think a materialist would either have to argue that Lucky Alice is 
conscious (if he focuses on physical states) and that removing neurons 
would lead to fading qualia (the "partial zombies") or simply assume 
that already Lucky Alice is a Zombie (because he focuses on causal 

(I would like to note that I have dropped MAT in the meantime and tend 
to MECH. Just wanted to "simulate" a materialist argumentation :-) - 
maybe I can convince myself of MAT and not MECH again *grin*)

Could we say that MAT focuses on _physical states_ (exclusively) and 
MECH on _dynamics_? And that MGA shows that one can't have both?


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