Hi Bruno,

Have you come across Victor Korotkikh's stuff? He's got a recent
article out in Complexity:


(Complexity, 14, 40-46)

It basically explores the organisational properties of the integers,
prime numbers etc. Which is kind of interesting in a pure mathematical
way, but he then uses this to model real complex systems, emergent
properties and so on. If you can't get the above paper, here is a much
earlier one that is not behind a paywall:

I've met him a few times over the years - he's based in Townsville,
about 2000km north of here. He's an intense Russian who's presentation
is almost impenetrable - but there are people I respect who consider
him a genius.

It struck me this morning how similar in many ways his programme is to
yours. I suppose you both share a strong neo-platonic viewpoint for



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