Thanks Russell, I will take a look. At first sight he makes the same  
"error" with numbers that Wolfram makes with cellular automata. Those  
are still mathematical form of physicalism, incompatible with the  
mechanist thesis in the cognitive science. Of course we converge  
toward rather similar (recursively isomorphic or weakened) ontologies.  
But they seems to believe they can recover some physics from that,  
where, saying "yes" to the surgeon requires to abandon that very idea.  
Physics, like in Plato and Plotinus, is not a mathematical structure  
among others, it is a mathematical structure which relate all  
mathematical structures in a precise way. Physics is somehow much more  
fundamental than being a thing completely describable by a set of  
mechanical laws.
Pu in another way, such theories are unaware of the mind-body problem  
and still use an identity relation between a mind and a implementation  
of a program which UDA forces to abandon, to be frank.
This does not mean those works are uninteresting of course, and they  
may play some role in the unravelling of the Minds and Bodies  
problems. Sure.


On 13 May 2009, at 01:15, russell standish wrote:

> Hi Bruno,
> Have you come across Victor Korotkikh's stuff? He's got a recent
> article out in Complexity:
> (Complexity, 14, 40-46)
> It basically explores the organisational properties of the integers,
> prime numbers etc. Which is kind of interesting in a pure mathematical
> way, but he then uses this to model real complex systems, emergent
> properties and so on. If you can't get the above paper, here is a much
> earlier one that is not behind a paywall:
> I've met him a few times over the years - he's based in Townsville,
> about 2000km north of here. He's an intense Russian who's presentation
> is almost impenetrable - but there are people I respect who consider
> him a genius.
> It struck me this morning how similar in many ways his programme is to
> yours. I suppose you both share a strong neo-platonic viewpoint for
> starters.
> Cheers
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