On 15 May 2009, at 01:06, russell standish wrote:

> On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 05:30:57PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> Thanks Russell, I will take a look. At first sight he makes the same
>> "error" with numbers that Wolfram makes with cellular automata.
> I think this sums up my feeling too. Although, I'm not sure we're
> talking about the same "error" :)
> I guess my interest in pointing it out to you was whether some
> interesting structure could be extracted from it when put into the
> framework of the AUDA. Since you point out that Robinson arithmetic is
> universal, might not Korotkikh's integer relationships also be a
> reflection of the same universality.

As far as I understand it looks interesting indeed. I will have to dig  

> I kind of dismissed this stuff as a curiosity when I first heard about
> it 13 years ago, but I've grown intellectually since then (having
> being exposed to your ideas amongst others :).
> BTW - I'm still enjoying Secret of the Amoeba, which I haven't
> finished yet. Its a shame it wasn't published - its some of your  
> best stuff!

Thanks Russell,

Have a good day,



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