And when pressed as to exactly how the Heisenberg compensators worked, the 
spokesman replied, "Very well, thank you."

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> Bruno and others, here is how a Star Trek transporter work(taken from
> Memory Alpha):
> A typical transport sequence began with a coordinate lock, during
> which the destination was verified and programmed, via the targeting
> scanners. Obtaining or maintaining a transporter lock enables the
> transporter operator to know the subject's location, even in motion,
> allowing the beaming process to start more quickly. This is an
> essential safety precaution when a starship away team enters a
> potentially dangerous situation that would require an emergency beam-
> out.
> A transporter lock is usually maintained by tracing the homing signal
> of a communicator or combadge. When there is a risk that such devices
> would be lost in the field or are otherwise unavailable, personnel may
> be implanted with a subcutaneous transponder before an away mission to
> still provide a means to maintain a transporter lock. Alternatively,
> sensors may be used to scan for the biosign or energy signature of a
> subject, which can then be fed into the transporter's targeting
> scanner for a lock.
> Next, the lifeform or object to be beamed was scanned on the quantum
> level using a molecular imaging scanner. At this point, Heisenberg
> compensators take into account the position and direction of all
> subatomic particles composing the object or individual and create a
> map of the physical structure being disassembled amounting to billions
> of kiloquads of data.
> Simultaneously, the object is broken down into a stream of subatomic
> particles, also called the matter stream. The matter stream is briefly
> stored in a pattern buffer while the system compensates for Doppler
> shift to the destination.
> The matter stream is then transmitted to its destination via a
> subspace frequency. As with any type of transmission of energy or
> radiation, scattering and degradation of the signal must be monitored
> closely. The annular confinement beam (ACB) acts to maintain the
> integrity of the information contained in the beam. Finally, the
> initial process is reversed and the object or individual is
> reassembled at the destination.
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