> On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Mark Buda <her...@acm.org> wrote:
>> Get it? Good grief, even if the
>> stuff I'm saying taken as a whole doesn't make sense, at least focus on
>> one piece at a time and you will agree that I'm making perfect sense.
> Mark, seriously, you're not. I worked on a psychiatric ward for
> several years, and you sound just like the schizophrenic and bipolar
> people I dealt with there - many of whom were also convinced they were
> making perfect sense when they were trying to explain to me how they
> were really Jesus, Harry Potter and Superman in one body.
> Please, see a psychiatrist. If nothing else, you could try to convince
> *them* of your viewpoint. But I'm seriously worried about your health.

You worked on a psychiatric ward but you never understood them. If you had
taken the time to interact with them, one on one, and share their lives
and hopes and dreams, you would have been able to help them figure it out.
That's why marriage is important. Only by two people sharing the same
truth and faith can the species continue, whatever that species or truth
or faith or faith happens to be.

Don't worry. Be happy.
Mark Buda <her...@acm.org>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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