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> You worked on a psychiatric ward but you never understood them. If you had
> taken the time to interact with them, one on one, and share their lives
> and hopes and dreams, you would have been able to help them figure it out.

That is precisely what my job was, and what I did do - exceptionally
well, as it happens. I still have former patients see me in the street
and thank me for my help. They were ill, and now they're not. I am
becoming more and more convinced that you are, too. That's in no way a
criticism of you or failing on your part, any more than it would be if
you had a cold or a heart condition.
Please, seek medical help. If you're right, you lose nothing and might
convince at least the psychiatrist you talk to. If I'm right, you get
cured. It can't do you any harm, but leaving what looks to me like a
serious illness untreated may well do you some serious harm.

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