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Thanks for all this. I will do some reading and then go through the points again. And get back to you.

You are welcome. Ask any question.



I have been trying to decipher your response to

> However, structures of information are instantiated in the physical.

OK, but this cannot work if DM is correct, by MGA. That's the whole point. There is no "physical reality" available. It is not obvious to understand this. The UDA+MGA explains this, and the AUDA (the Löbian interview, or Abstract Universal Dovetailer Argument) provides a path to extract physics, and the logic explains why the theory splits into quanta and qualia. Quanta appear as sharable qualia.

I have read your paper The Origin of Physical Laws and Sensations, but am still at a loss. I confess I find the blizzard of acronyms difficult to follow. (In particular it would help me greatly if we referred to the Computationalist Theory of Mind as CTM, as do wikipedia and Standford philosophy website, rather than COMP)

eg Is DU the same as UD? Or is DU the infinte trace of the universal dovetailer, as seems to be suggested by diagram 7?

Obviously it is trivial to show that the physical universe is redundant, but the move to show that it is disproven I do not follow.

Essentially, I do not follow your argument that "I. The Universal Dovetailer Argument shows why comp necessarily *forces* a reversal between physics and machine psychology"

You quote Maudlin's “Computation and Consciousness,” The Journal of Philosophy, pp 407-432, as having more complete arguments. However, on page 25 he states "Olympia has shown us at least that some other level beside the computational must be sought."
"Our Olympia demonstrates that running a particular program cannot be a sufficient condition for having any form of mentality"

The main point of his complex examples seems to be that the same output supervenes on two very different mechanisms, but this does not force a reversal.

Could you tell me the central piece of the logic as you see it in simple terms.


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