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Comp will imply that such a primary matter cannnot interfer at all
with your consciousness, so that IF comp is correct physics has to
reduced to number theory, and such a primary matter is an invisible
Physics cannot be eliminated in favour of non existent numbers.
have to exist for the conclusion to follow
Physics is not eliminated, on the contrary, physics is explained from

something non physical.
The anti realist position is not that numbers are some existing non-
thing: it is that they are not existent at all.
If numbers don't exist at all, what does a statement that seems very much
like a non-fictional and true statement, like "I have two hands" mean?
It's asserting the existence of hands, not numbers.
You can't have one without the other.
The statement "2 hands exists" requires that "2 of something" (the number 2)

It requires that two of something exist, but not that the number itself 2 exist. In symbolic logic it and be expressed as Ex Ey (Hand(x) + Hand (y) + (x=/=y)), no mention of the number 2.

1Z wrote:
If you have two hands, two does exists, otherwise you couldn't have two
something, right?
And if you have none of something, none exists.
Well, so zero exists, I have no problem with that.

What if you have no zero?  :-)

1Z wrote:
Or is it a fictional statement?

Nope. You seem to think every word in a true sentence must
have a separate referent. However, "and", "or", "is", "not" etc
do not have separate referents. A true sentence must refer *as a
to some state of affairs. That is the only requirement.
Not every word must have an object as referent, but every word implies the
existence of an object that is connected to the word.

You seem to not understand what "referent" means. The above sentence is self contradictory.


If it is meaningful to use the word "and", "something and something" or a
conjunction exists, if it is meaningful to use the word "or", "something or
something" or a disjunction exists, if it is meaningful to use the word
"is", "something existing" or simply existence exists, if it is meaningful
to use the word "not", "something that does not exist" or absence exist
(existing in the absolute sense and not existing relative to something else)
and if if it is meaningful to use the word "two", "two of something" or the
number 2 exists.

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