On 05/03/11 14:46, Bruno Marchal wrote:
I appreciate your point on the logical types. Now, to base them on a physics, taken a priori, will prevent the solution of the computationalist mind body problem. Elementary arithmetic, and any universal system, defines automatically many logical types (like the arithmetical modalities of self-references and their variants) and the UDA shows that you have to reduce the physical modalities to modalities of self-reference, relativize to the UD or the sigma_1 truth.

The logical types I am referring to embrace any and all computations and computational types. The constructs, algorithms, structures or elements of any computation are of the first logical type. The sequence of steps of a computation is of a second, different, logical type. Iteration, the carrying out of the sequence of steps of a computation of a third, different again, logical type. These considerations are not based on a physics, rather the analysis of the way any system, including a physical system, evolves in time due to change, is based on these logical types.


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