"What do you mean by "God"?"

By God  I mean anything that is expedient for me to mean by it.

"That does not work. yes, with comp, suicide does no more guaranty you
escape reality. The atheist conception of death appears as ... wishful

So you mean I'm stuck in Brunoland forever? You should right apocalyptic an
dystopian sci-fi books....

If death didn't exist, we would have to invent it.

"Once a theology is a science, you have the moral duty to doubt it, and you
cannot impose to any one."

lol, I like this. Yes, it is my moral perogative to doubt reality-view (in
the abstract sense)

Honestly... I have never read your work... it is over my head and I reject
it in principle... because it goes 100% counter to my intuition and good
sense (in so far as I understand it from the things you seem to say)

Frankly I don't want to know it.... because from what I hear, it sounds

If it didn't sound so outright ridiculous.... I might go deeper into it.

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