On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 4:03 AM, Constantine Pseudonymous
<bsor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Rex, your killing me, I was following you well as the most logical
> seeming person here, but then you started plummeting into thoughtless
> absurdities....

Ha!  Well, we all have our off days...

> "We can say that we have information about what we are aware of...but
> that is not the same as saying that awareness *is* information.
> Information is a difference that makes a difference.  But it has to
> make a difference *to* someone. "
> Awareness may very well be information, unless you want to make up a
> piece of information which masquerades as the entity behind
> information.
> You say information has to make a difference to someone... very well,
> but that doesn't get you out of the problem of the enigma-identity of
> this supposed someone that you think must be at the root of
> information.

Well, I can see how my use of the term “someone” might lead to confusion.

However, I didn’t intend to imply the existence of some
“supra-experiential” entity.

My intended point was that information isn’t something that exists
separately from, or more fundamentally than conscious experience.

Information is just that which consciousness finds meaningful.

> "Information is observer-relative.  Observers aren’t information-
> relative. "
> Don't you see your "observer" is information!

Well...no.  I don’t see that.  Though perhaps we’re using different
definitions of “information”.

> Moving beyond the notion
> of a observer... I would even claim that observation isn't occurring,
> neither as a act or process or object or event.... there is merely the
> observed.

There is merely experience.

> "Representation depends on
> me.  I don’t depend on representation. "
> Wrong. "You" do depend on representation... but pseudo-representation,
> "you" depend on a pseudo-representation or a non-representational
> invented pseudo-representation.


> "Representation is
> something you do, not something that you are. "
> Well then what are you!



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