On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 2:15 PM, Constantine Pseudonymous
<bsor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Rex, I think your onto something here.... let me add a little
> critique:
> "1.  Explanation is subordinate to description.
>  2.  Description is subordinate to observation.
>  3.  Observation is subordinate to experience.
>  4.  And now we want to close the circle by explaining experience."
> you distinguish between observation and experience? nonsense.

I’m using “observation” as the term for particular instances or
aspects of experience.

So, no, I don’t actually distinguish between observation and
experience in any significant way.

> "However, our explanation of experience can only be justified by
> appeal  to experience - plus reason."
> Before jumping to explanation of experience you might want to hang out
> at the problem of description of experience.... which is an element of
> experience itself, or in so far as it is possible, a tautology.  Does
> any such description of experience exist?

I can describe my experience to you in terms of fundamental concepts
which I possess - but unless you have access to those same concepts,
then my description won’t make any sense to you.

> you assume there is in existence any such explanation of experience or
> existence.
> show me one explanation of experience. even if it existed it would be
> a mere feature of experience.

I don’t assume that there is any sort of "ultimate" explanation for
experience.  In fact, I assume that there is not.

> Do you believe in a objective world or totality? Do you believe in an
> objective experience of experience-description? Do you believe in a
> objective reality, universal and totalizing, that can represent itself
> as such?

I believe that conscious experience exists, fundamentally and uncaused.

> "And there’s just the general question of what “reason” means in a
>  deterministic world, or a probabilistic world, or a purely contingent
> world."
> Or how about a world which is a vague approximation of all three and
> more.

And more?  What is this “more” to which you refer?


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