On 7/6/2011 11:16 PM, Jason Resch wrote:
Any regular user of the Internet knows how difficult it is to read CAPTCHA's, I struggle to correctly enter them all the time, take a look at Google's: https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha They are so difficult today because AI capable of recognizing text is that advanced. As AI advances in little steps the domain of what we consider requires /*true */intelligence is continually shrinking. If you had a time machine to go back to the 1970s and you told them everything AI has accomplished they would think we were most of the way there, with our voice recognition, automatic translation, self driving cars, automated credit card fraud detection and classification of commercial junk e-mail, artificial grandmaster chess players, and so on. These are tremendous accomplishments, and that its taken 60 years to get this far is nothing to scoff at when you consider it took nature billions of years to get to us. General intelligence is just a very big collection of specialized intelligences, it is not a binary thing that you either have or do not (in my opinion).

As my AI prof used to remark, "*Real* intelligence is just what we can't get the machine to do...yet."


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