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Bruno assumes that consciousness preceded matter....


If talk about consciousness, then I guess the next quote from Erwin
 Schrödinger should be appropriate

"The doctrine of identity can claim that it is clinched by the
empirical fact that consciousness is never experienced in the
plural, only in the singular. Not only has none of us ever
experienced more than one consciousness, but there is also no trace
of circumstantial evidence of this ever happening anywhere in the

Of course we infer the consciousness of others. To experience more
than one consciousness at the same time seems to defy the meaning of
 consciousness. But Schrodinger may have just had in mind that
consciousness is always associated with only a singular body - unlike
 the Borg in which a single mind has many bodies.


I do not know actually what Schroedinger wanted to say there, I have to read him again. Let me quote the last paragraph from that chapter Oneness of Mind:

"Let me briefly mention the notorious atheism of science which comes, of course, under the same heading. Science has to suffer this reproach again and again, but unjustly so. No personal god can form part of world model that has only become accessible at the cost of removing everything personal from it. We know, when God is experienced, this is an event as real as an immediate sense perception or as one's own personality. Like them he must be missing in the space-time picture. I do not find God anywhere in space and time - that is what the honest naturalist tells you. For this he incurs blame from him in whose catechism is written: God is spirit."


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