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> The remarkable consequence of the Church-Turing thesis is that a computer
> can emulate any definable process, just as headphones can emulate any
> possible sound.  A pair of headphones can sound like a jack hammer, a person
> signing, or a philharmonic orchestra.

Neither headphones, jack hammer, or singing sound like anything unless
there is a receiver who can hear sound. A computer cannot emulate
experience or an experiencer, it can only provide an experiencer with
what they need to emulate the experience themselves.

>  Finding a process that a computer
> cannot emulate is like finding a sound that cannot be produced by speakers.

You're taking consciousness for granted. Speakers don't produce sound.
Human consciousness experiences sound. Speakers just massage the air

> Thus, according to your example, a single silicon CPU and the bits stored in
> its memory can perform the same dance as a million tiny atoms.

No, only atoms are atoms. The CPU can only make it's atoms dance in a
way that we think looks like how atoms act whenever we look at them.

>  The atoms,
> as represented in the computers memory would possess the same relationships
> between them as physical atoms do (assuming the computer is programmed
> appropriately).  Proper programming is like having the right audio CD for
> the headphones.  To replicate any sound, all you need is the right CD to
> play on the headphones, just as with a computer to replicate any process all
> you need is the right program.

Representation is hallucination. There is no concrete train of custody
between the signifier and the signified. You need the right
program...and the right computer to run it on. You need the right CD
to play on the headphones...and a human head with ears that work and a
mind that's conscious. You're only looking at half the picture. Just
because a car has an engine that runs and wheels that turn when it
runs doesn't mean that a steering wheel and accelerator pedal appear
on the inside, let alone a driver who can drive the thing.


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