"What is there?  Everything! So what isn't there?  Nothing!"
         --- Norm Levitt, after Quine

On 8/12/2011 1:02 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Dear Pilar,

as your fellow "Not-English-Mothertongue" guy. I point to the* incompleteness* in this language:*/ "Nothing" - _"EXISTS"_ not./* It isn't. But it is bad English to write: _ "Why 'is-not' nothing?"_ so we have a discussion point. In my (non-IndoEuropean) mothertongue the question is exactly formulated in the 'wrong(?)' way.
_(Miert nincs semmi?_)

I see you take it for granted that "the Universe was born". Was it indeed? Maybe "OUR" universe was, but I speak about the "World" (Multiverse, none of them necessarily identical in any sense) in which we inhabit a pretty simple one with 'the' physical system we have.

Our limited imagination can work only with 'somethings', *nothing* has no meaning (if it includes such meaning - it would negate its true meaning - <G>) E.g. 'Physically' it cannot be bordered - or I ask: is such border inside the nothing (when it is nothing), or outside (when it does not belong (in)to it)?

~2 decades ago I wrote a little silly 'ode' to 'Somethingness" starting with the BLANK: /And there was 'NOTHING" at all./ (I don't recall the rhythmic words anymore)/ And when this nothingness 'realized it's nothingness then it changed into a 'somethingness' - as / /indeed it's nothingness. And the World was shaped in the course of such build-up/...

I don't think 'nothing' is a 'poosible state' - I don't mix it up with 'zero' or 'null', just think about the meaningless meaning of it. No this, no that - MAYBE. I would not 'negate' ideas (states, as you call them) we don't know about. And we have lots beyond our knowledge.

Best regards
John M

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