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>gravitation and magnetism are manifestations of the same force,
> just different reactions to interactions.

I think that is the case also. To me it seems possible that gravity,
like time, is not a true primitive phenomenon, but actually how the
epiphenomenon of entropy relativistically distorting electromagnetic
interactions related to density, scale, and distance between objects.

> Something that makes planets levitate as a magnet levitates a
> rotating magnet, that carries light, that in every closed system creates an
> attracting and repulsive force. It is that something that tips over when it
> collects enough mass and makes it collapse. Not the Higgs.

I suspect that photons, and probably many other Standard Model
particles, do not physically exist. Like 'gravity', they are logical
inferences based upon our lack of first hand interaction with
phenomena on the microcosmic scale.  I hypothesize a mutual
telesemantic quorum sensing phenomenology which is an interior/
exterior, input/output system instead of a model of passive
bombardment by dumb light projectiles, with all appearances of
particle or wave behavior being a function of the interactions within
the matter that makes up our physical measuring instruments. In short,
'light' is our experience of visual perception and photons are a
mathematical narrative applied to secondhand atomic perception.

When I have tried to inquire about what evidence we have that photons
physically exist, or even what that would mean given the lack of
physically tangible characteristics, I generally am referred to the
photoelectric effect or other theoretical frameworks in which a
particulate entity could be assumed, or else I'm met with agreement
that yes, photons are actually quantum events having a wavelike or
particle like pattern of occurrence. In either case I think that the
idea of electromagnetic quorum sensing is a more plausible theory with
more explanatory power.


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