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> Right. That's why I keep saying there's nothing that defies science
> here. I'm not talking about magic. Human consciousness is a fugue of
> high level processes and low level processes interacting with each
> other in their own native terms.

But you are saying that the cell will do something impossible, since
you're saying the high level processes may direct it to do something
that cannot be predicted from the physical configuration. Otherwise
there would be no problem in principle making an artificial cell that
takes the place of the biological cell and leaves the overall
behaviour of the animal unchanged.

>> Everything the
>> software causes can also be explained in terms of phydical
>> interactions at lower levels.
> Definitely, but the reasons that we have for causing those changes in
> the semiconductor material are not semiconductor logics. They use
> hardware logic to to get the hardware to do software logic, just as
> the mind uses the brain's hardware to remember, imagine, plan, or
> execute what the mind wants it to. What the mind wants is influenced
> by the brain, but the brain is also influenced directly by the mind.

What you call the mind influencing the brain is consistent with the
mechanistic interaction of particles. There is a certain physical
chain of events and you say, "yep, that was my mind influencing my
brain to have a cup of coffee". Just as in a computer there is a
certain chain of events and you say "yep, that was the computer
calculating the digits of pi".

--Stathis Papaioannou

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