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> I thought that the whole point of information theory is to move beyond
> quality into pure quantification.


> > the suggestion that information can be defined as not having anything to
> do with the difference between order and the absence of order is laughably
> preposterous


> The idea that a bucket of water has more 'information' than DNA is
> meaningless.

What word didn't you understand?

>>  No, if its repeating then it would have less information, that is to
>> say it would take less information to describe the result.
> > Of course, but how does that jibe with the notion that information
> ismolecular entropy? How does A-T A-T A-T or G-T G-T G-T guarantee less
> internal degrees of freedom within a DNA molecule then A-T G-C A-T?

It would take little information to describe a repeating sequence like
A-T-A-T-A-T.... and few ways to change it's micro-state without altering
its macro orderly appearance, so it has a very low entropy,  but it would
take a lot of information to describe a random sequence A-T G-C A-T... and
lots of ways to alter it's micro-state with it still looking random, so it
has a high entropy.

> I see no reason to use the word information at all for this. It sounds
> like you are just talking about entropy to me.

As I said, think about entropy as a measure of the number of ways you can
change the micro-structure of something without changing its large scale
macro appearance.

> > If I have red legos and white legos, and I build two opposite monochrome
> houses and one of mixed blocks, how in the world does that effect the
> entropy of the plastic bricks in any way?

It does not effect the entropy of the plastic bricks but it does change the
entropy of the structures built with those plastic bricks. For a single
part in isolation entropy is not defined, a single water molecule has no
entropy but a trillion trillion of them in a drop of water does.

  John K Clark

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